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Ellie Dixon

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Cambridge-born 22-year-old Ellie Dixon creates self-produced, punchy bops with groove and a sense of humor. Producing from her bedroom studio, she has created her own brand of self-aware alt-pop.

Influences include Easy Life, Still Woozy, BENEE, and Anderson .Paak while oozing with her own personality, creativity, and a love for the unconventional. 

In the last year Dixon has taken the online world by storm. Dedicating her time towards growing her online platform has seen her following skyrocket. In the last 6 months alone she has increased her following by 200k on Tik Tok and 12k on Instagram. 

She released her single 'Space Out!' in July 2020 which received overwhelming support and has now reached 225k Spotify streams. She then released her single 'Sucker' just last week and has already seen tremendous success! 

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