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Hunter Hayes

Project Management Assistant

In October 2021, I met Valerie Sizemore, artist manager for Hunter Hayes, through the SOLID Nashville Mentorship Program. After grabbing a few coffees, Valerie informed me that she was in the process of putting Hunter under a co-management agreement between herself and Friends at Work, an LA-based artist management company responsible for artists such as Charlie Puth, John Legend, and Lindsey Sterling. She eagerly introduced me to Sammy Seaver, a day-to-day manager whom she worked closely with on Hunter, in early 2022. Sammy and I hopped on calls throughout the course of 2022 until he and Valerie proposed I start working for both of them on Hunter Hayes' career exclusively in July 2022.

In summary, Valerie and Sammy have me mainly take on any backlogged deliverables that have yet to be completed for Hunter Hayes' upcoming album release, Red Sky. Assignments include a social media rollout outline, touring and collaboration reach-out proposals, music video director research, and company-wide creative direction plans. 

Friend at Work x Hunter Hayes

MADKAT Management

Artist Management Assistant

Maddy Sundquist, the founder of MADKAT Management, hired me as an artist management assistant after Anthony and Cooper from Group Projects put me in touch and recommended I work for her. Aside from this connection, I have had a personal interest in the careers of the MADKAT clients: Stephen Day and Sawyer.

With Maddy being mainly the sole operator of MADKAT, my job as her assistant was to complete delegated tasks, such as routing and summary grids for clientele's ongoing tours, aggregating press contact lists, organizing song catalogs, and preparing content for social media accounts. 

MADKAT Management

Group Projects

A&R and Tour Marketing Assistant

As I was finishing up my time in New York, I somewhat panicked to find my next job in artist management. That is until I came across a Handshake job listing (crazy to think) from Group Projects. Founded by two ex-Starstuck Entertainment employees, Anthony Manker and Cooper Anstett tag-teamed four signed management clients. Since working for them, they've added label and publishing branches to their company.


Anthony and Cooper had me doing just about anything they could throw at me. Whether that meant spear-heading a single release campaign using the texas college sorority network, or helping them with VIP and backstage activity at local shows on short notice, I not only gained a ton of new insight into what it takes to be a manager, but I solidified my want to be in artist manager full-time.

Group Projects


Artist Management and Label Intern

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Belmont East program, in which I resided in New York City full-time, continuing my coursework asynchronously while interning in person at a company involved in the music industry. I had my heart set on staying in the field of artist management, and it seemed CRUSH MUSIC was just about the best artist management opportunity an intern could ask for. CRUSH MUSIC's roster includes Sia, Lorde, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, and Lennon Stella, among several more top-level artists.

This being my first internship experience exiting the COVID-19 pandemic, I was happy to have a hybrid schedule in which I worked on New York office exclusive assignments in-person, and take on assignments from both the New York and Los Angeles offices while working virtually. I developed several close relationships with the Crush Music NY staff while interning, including Alex Sarti, artist manager for Lorde, and Will Tenney, who headed Streaming Strategy & Promotion at the time.

Crush Music

Sandbox Entertainment

Artist Management Intern

Ever since arriving at Belmont, not only did I have the goal of becoming an artist manager, but I wanted to surround myself with the best managers in the industry. When talking about the most well-accoladed artist management firms in country music, Sandbox Entertainment may very well be at the top of my personal list. Responsible for managing artists such as Dan + Shay, Kelsea Ballerini, and Kasey Musgraves, Sandbox was an incredible place to understand standard music industry practices and how the inner workings of a top artist management company function.

While interning, I was assigned an artist case study project that lasted the entire length of my position. In my case, I was assigned country artist, Devin Dawson. I developed a concrete plan and slide deck that covers the ways in which to be collaborative and consistent as Devin approached his next album and tour cycle.

Sandbox Entertainment

InPlay Partners

Day-to-Day Manager

Anomalie and Rob Araujo are great examples in which mainstream quality tracks can incorporate jazz influences. Early into Belmont as a freshman, I reached out to Alec Steinfeld, manager for both artists. Little did I know that over 2 years later he'd remember our call and my interest in working for him. He then offered me a summer job in 2021 while he completed a graduate internship at Spotify. 


Working through project management, business development, and financial management tasks tested my abilities to respond timely, think on my feet, and correctly call shots the first time independent from supervision. I will always remember the conversation Alec and I had about how artist management is like juggling. You juggle glass balls, ceramic balls, and rubber balls. Each ball represents a deliverable. Glass balls break immediately if they're dropped, Ceramic balls break after 1 or 2 bounces, and rubber balls will continue to bounce back no matter how much they are dropped.


InPlay Partners


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International Songwriting Competition/Unsigned Only

Steereo, Inc. 

Roryn Parti Entertainment

InPlay Partners
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